Romarin & Cèdre (Rosemary and Cedar)    
Enriched with Sesame
For all skin types and hair, particularly suitable for combination and greasy skin or hair.

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A soap with many assets!

For washing, this aromatic soap purifies and stimulates.

For shaving, the synergy of essential oils and purified clays soothes and heals skin weakened by the razor.

When used as a shampoo, the foam is thick and creamy. Rosemary and Cedar essential oils are excellent for your hair.

Properties of active substances :

Essential Oil of Rosemary with its characteristic scent stimulates circulation and tones the skin. Refreshing, antiseptic and antibacterial it is effective against acne and eczema. It is equally beneficial for your hair; it fights dandruff and hair loss.

Essential Oil of Cedar with its fine woody and restful scent is antiseptic, soothing and controls seborrhea. It's also good for toning your scalp.

Sesame Oil softens, regenerates the epidermis and regulates the scalp. Rich in vitamin E and selenium, it is a good antioxidant and sunscreen.

Green clay is used for its absorbent properties and its healing, calming and purifying qualities .

Pink clay, very gentle, has remineralising properties, as well as being healing and soothing. It is particularly suited to sensitive, fragile and tired skin.

Composition : Huiles saponifiées ( Olive*, Coco*, Beurre de Karité*, Colza*, Ricin*) Eau, Glycérine naturellement présente, Huile de Sésame* non saponifiée, Huile Essentielle de Romarin*, Argile Rose et Verte, Huiles Essentielles de Cèdre* et de Lavandin*.
* issu de l’agriculture biologique

Ingredients : Sodium Olivate*, Sodium Cocoate*, Sodium Shea Butterate*, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Canolate*, Sodium Castorate*, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil*, Argilla, Lavandula Hybrida Oil*, Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil*, Limonene**, Linalool**.
(** Composants naturels des Huiles Essentielles)