Soap is in daily use for cleaning the skin ; but some soaps, formulated and produced within strictly economic constraints,
can weaken the skin.

Let me explain why our Sapodouce soaps, with their cold saponification are so different.

No surfactants.

A balanced formula with a base of olive oil (more than 50%), coconut oil and castor bean oil gives
smoothness and lather to the soap.

No Palm oil.

Palm oil is left on the shelf because it lacks beneficial properties and it leads to the scourge of deforestation which
we ourselves strongly oppose. It is judiciously replaced by Shea butter for a creamy but firm soap containing no Palm oil.

Oil enriched soap.

Naturally occurring glycerine and enrichment oil (an additional 5% of noble oil being added to the recipe) allows
our soap to respect, hydrate and restore the skin's hydro-lipid film which is partially removed by the soap's
detergent action. Without these two ingredients soap would dry out and or irritate the skin.

Free of synthetic colours.

Our soaps are coloured solely with clays or natural vegetable colours which also have beneficial effects for the skin.

Free of synthetic perfumes or fragrances.

Our soaps are scented solely with essential oils all specifically beneficial to the skin.

The drying time, (more than six weeks), the pH, the weights and the labels are all regularly tested and checked. The blocks
are cut by hand into soaps weighing 110g to 115 g to allow for an eventual weight of 100g. However the drying time has an
essential effect on the final weight. The dryer the soap, the lighter the weight, and paradoxically, the firmer it gets,
and the longer it lasts! Our Sapodouce soaps can dry for a year.

Our qualitative and quantitative formulae, our operating and manufacturing methods and our standards of good practice
are checked and tested by two qualified professionals - Mr. Claude Lucas( Institut Hysope) and Mr. Laurent Bousquet (Adepro).
The Savonnerie Sapodouce is registered with AFSSAPS (Agence Française de Securité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé) and
each recipe or formula is deposited with three French poison-control centres.

In addition our soaps are original and decorative. Hand-made using different techniques cut and packaged by hand,
each one is unique.