Our soaps are entirely hand-made by us in our little workshop, at Roquecor in the Tarn et Garonne, using a simple,
unique and ecological method called cold saponification. This process respects our planet, our environment and
our skin. We offer true hand crafted, high quality, bio-degradable soaps.

In order to perfect our soaps we only make small batches at a time. Our ingredients are carefully chosen for
their quality and purity. They are all organic, or 'biologique' as it is called in France, (or purely natural in
the case of the fine clays).

What exactly does a certified organic or 'biologique' label mean?

Organic agriculture is a fundamental element in a healthier and more natural life. Natural is essentially organic
but does an organic label inevitably mean natural? Did you know that for an 'organic' label you only need 10%
organic ingredients and can include 5% synthetic ingredients? Why seek membership of this scheme when I include
more than 99% organic ingredients and no synthetic products! We could use a 'Nature and progress' label for
our soaps but there again there is a problem with biological criteria; we know that the water used in producing
washing soda is not controlled or monitored and that this and the majority of pesticides and phosphates can be
discharged straight into water courses. Nowadays an organic logo is no longer that reassuring, even though it may
be selected by relevant shops, homes and organic salons.

For my part, our transparency can be seen on our own labels, written in everyday French; it is the ingredients
that are the basis for a truly natural organic product.

Read your labels!

Our wrappings in cardboard and paper are 100% recycled and bio-degradable.
Our fabric sachets are hand made in 100% tarlatan (cotton).

The above shows the commitment of La Savonnerie Sapodouce to preserving and respecting nature in the whole of
our soap production process and I hope lives up to your expectations.