From childhood I was always attracted to biology; so it wasn't by chance that from the age of fifteen,
my studies turned in that direction. I obtained a CAP Diploma as a laboratory assistant, a Baccalaureate
in Applied Biology and Biochemistry and then a University diploma in Natural and Earth Sciences. After a
spell of four years in England, I returned with the same philosophy, albeit with a slightly different approach,
and qualified as a nurse receiving my State diploma in 1996. Alongside this, perhaps paradoxically, natural
remedies were increasingly attracting me; perhaps because of being with patients and their illnesses. Our rural life
heightened our awareness of the necessity of nourishing ourselves with natural products for better health. It was
with this bio-natural dimension to life that I started to make and develop and produce natural cosmetics and
then natural cold saponified soap.

You can't be a soap-maker without getting into a lather!

I'll leave to your imagination the amount of time that was dedicated to prototype formulas, initial
manufacturing and costings. But what a sense of well-being when my nearest and dearest congratulated me on finally
finding soaps for their needs. The concept of becoming a full-time soap-maker began to attract me more and more, but,
between then and giving up my work, plenty of water was to flow under the bridge!

Finally in March 2010 the Savonnerie you see today was opened with the gratefully acknowledged help of my family
and those close to me.
- My husband Simon, chose the range of men's soaps (among others, the liquorice and citronella mint scented ones).
Our shaving soap in a jar was his idea.
- My son Gabriel wanted highly coloured sweet soaps including plenty of nuggets (made by including little cubes of soap).
- My daughter Thalia her wish was for a pink flowery soap and above all for lip balm.
- Grandpa Paul's choice was for rough shapes with visible signs of working and including his own honey - an excellent softener.
- My nieces, Pauline and Lolla skilfully resolved our search for a name for the Savonnerie settling on a subtle and
harmonious blend of Latin (soap has existed since antiquity), and phonics. Sapodouce fits this bill perfectly and
with its play on words makes the name as unique as the products.
- Finally, for my part, the concept was as follows; the soaps should be as good for the skin as to look at!

Votre Savonnière

Pascale Dejean.