Soap was already being used when writing was invented some 4500 years ago. The Phoenicians and the Greeks made a soapy
disinfectant paste. The Gauls made the first soap called 'Sapo' from ashes, suet and grease. By the 9th century
Marseilles saponified its local olive oil; in 1791 the manufacture of Marseilles soap became industrialised thanks to
Nicolas Leblanc who invented a process of production of washing soda from sea salt. Thanks to Eugene Chevreuil and
Ernest Solvay, by the 19th century soap became an everyday product and little by little copra and palm oils replaced olive oil.

Between 1920 and 1930 detergents or synthetic surfactants appeared, to the detriment of soap.
The rest you know.

Whereas today there is an increasing choice of products, increasingly 'hygenic', increasingly cleansing, increasingly
colourful and increasingly scented; the oldest and simplest form of natural detergent - soap - is making a comeback.

The method of manufacture, the use, and the effectiveness of soap means there is nothing to envy in chemical weaponry!
Reach for your soaps.