Properties of Shea Butter Balm

Used on skin with eczema, sensitive skin, the most fragile and psoriasis, its action is immediate. It soothes,
heals, calms, protects and standardizes and polishes the skin. Its use should be daily. It does not cause
any allergic reactions.

Beauty of feet and legs
For corns, warts and cracks, shea butter helps remove calluses without having to sand. Apply at bedtime.
It also helps to soothe the skin after waxing.

Lips : winter and summer
Shea butter soothes and heals chapped lips. It can also be used as a base under lipstick.

Newborn babies
It helps protect and moisturize the skin and bottoms of newborn babies.

Burns and insect bites
It soothes immediately after application and prevents blisters from forming.

Face : winter and summer
Shea butter moisturizes and regenerates the face layers. It naturally fights against wrinkles.

Tanning and Protection
Shea butter is also a sunscreen.
Before sun exposure, it protects against UV erythema by filtering.
After exposure, it relieves sunburn.

Hands & Nails
Shea butter moisturizes and protects hands against harsh detergents, aggressive, cold ...

Shea butter can be applied to dry ends or on all the hair from root to tip.

Orange peel-skin effect and stretch marks
It naturally reduces the orange peel-skin effect with regular massage.